Training and Services

Private Pilot Certificate (PPC)

The PPC is your entryway into aviation. You’ll learn how to safely operate an airplane as well as all the rules and regulations needed to navigate our national airspace system. Once completed you will be able to fly with passengers (not for hire) anywhere you choose.

Instrument Rating (IR)

The instrument rating is an add-on rating to your Private Pilot Certificate and it allows you fly your airplane in Instrument Flight Rules. This simply means flying your aircraft with reference to the instruments. Once completed you will be able to safely fly your airplane in inclement weather with no reference to outside visual references.

Commercial Pilot Certificate (CPL)

The CPL allows you to fly an aircraft for hire under certain conditions. A required step on your way to becoming a Professional Pilot. This course will prepare you by teaching the maneuvers required to demonstrate a high level of skill and decision making required to be able to fly for hire.

Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)

The CFI rating allows you to teach student pilots in preparation for their PPC or CPL. The CFI is considered a good first job on your way to the Airlines, but many also obtain their CFI rating because of their love of aviation and interest in passing on the knowledge to new pilots.

Certified Flight Instructor Instrument (CFI-I)

The CFI-I is an additional rating that allows an instructor to teach Instrument rating students. Although a CFI is not required to obtain a CFI-I many pilots choose to get both as it opens the door to many training opportunities.

Airline Transport Pilot (ATP)

Considered the PhD of aviation this rating allows you pilot aircraft belonging to the airline transport category. Once obtained you may use this rating in addition to specific aircraft type-ratings to operate aircraft for Part 121 airline operations.

Flight Reviews

In addition to training pilots for Certificates and Ratings we also perform Flight Reviews. Flight Reviews are FAA required training events that allow you to keep current with your ratings. Flight Reviews are also a great opportunity to brush up on some of those skills learned during your initial training.

Insurance Requirements

Bought a new plane? Insurance companies will require a number of hours to be flown with an instructor in the aircraft you just purchased. We can help you meet those requirements and get you comfortable with your new airplane.

Ground School

Most of these ratings and certificates require a good amount of self study, but sometimes studying alone is difficult. We have one on one ground school options with an instructor that can prepare you for any written or oral exam.